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1 Kentucky APPalaCHAH: A Violent Romance



A handmade zine with one creative short story that captures movement of the mind that many can relate to, in Appalachia country of Kentucky.

Limited and numbered, 100 copies printed.

© Julien Godman

Available for mail order or Detroit area drop-off. Please input address via checkout options below. Please note, distribution will start 07/19.

Andanzas, vol. i, friends



"Andanzas, vol. i, friends" is a book containing a collection of four short stories on friendship, which tread the line between creative nonfiction, social criticism, and fictional prose. The word itself, Andanzas, is a Spanish word best translated as journey or adventure with a hint of fortune. Much like the title, the book is imaginative, vivid and full of child-bright perspectives, similar to some forms of Magical Realism.

1st ed. first printing is sold out.

1st ed. second printing x5 copies remain, on sale at the Detroit Festival of Books, July 16, 2023, 10-4pm, Shed 5 in Eastern Market.

Words by Julien Godman. Edited and designed by Mariana Ayón RV, and published by Ban Pang Editorial.

© Julien Godman


"Julien Godman travels through his palace of memories - as life's moments flicker back like a 8mm film, he is brave enough to watch, and share them with us. - A stunning debut."  - Michelle Andonian

"It is a spare but wonderous work, evidence of a writer who understands the power of words, even - or especially - in brevity. Julien writes in calming, dream-like, sequences of everyday occurrences that pull you into his world, reminiscent of the works of Anais Nin. There is a mystical, Gibran quality to the work, and deep, startling twists. He writes with a kind of urban fancifulness, a sweet, street view of experiences in this city."  - Marsha Music


Pride Source: Distant DispatchesThe Metropolitan: Book Launch at Bank Suey, Detroit Is It: Chit Chat: Author, Chef and Creative Julien Godman, The Metropolitan: Field Notes from Julien Godman's "Andanzas"

Andanzas, vol. ii

In the creative process.



Detroit Neighborhood Guidebook


Contributing essayist as part of a collection of Detroit neighborhood specific stories. Published by Belt Publishing.

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